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BeyondDreams is a student-led organization that offers free services to give students the tools they need for their future whereabouts. Not only do we provide extensive tutoring for school subjects, we also provide instructive webinars and informative blogs to prepare students for success in and out of the classroom.  We are also a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization!


Our webinars strive to teach essential life skills that schools fail to teach. With specialized professionals as guest speakers, our webinars are highly esteemed. All of our tutors are passionate about helping others and highly competent in their respective subjects. In our past tutoring courses, SAT Academy and AP Academy, we have received overwhelming support by teaching students in specific subjects for free. Additionally, our blogs have a wide variety of topics from college to health to productivity tips to boost self-growth and knowledge. You can also volunteer with us to gain work experience and receive accredited hours. Our services are the perfect complement to primary and secondary school education so that you can reach your full potential! In addition, our services are designed to be friendly and accessible to everyone. With free virtual services, there are no locational or price barriers


Our mission: We strive to help students achieve more beyond the limits of the classroom.

Our vision: We see ourselves placing thousands of students in their passions and creating a brighter future for the youth of today by empowering education. 

Our History

Benjamin Yan, a student from North Carolina, developed a keen passion to help others by doing community service. He found that teens, like himself, were not being taught the essential skills to earn a job or get into their dream colleges. The COVID-19 outbreak only made it worse, as he saw his peers struggling to stay motivated inside and outside the classroom. He saw this as a deep hole in the education system. In September of 2020, he quickly took initiative on this problem by founding BeyondDreams. He started by doing webinars focused on college admissions with admission officers, students, and college counselors. As the services gained large attraction worldwide, he grew his team to push out more services. Today, the team at BeyondDreams works hard to achieve the mission of helping students strive for success

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