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algebra 1 Tutors

Our tutors are qualified and tested to teach their respective subjects. Our tutors will answer questions and guide you through the material. For Algebra 1/ NC Math 1 tutors go over topics such as Modeling, Quadratics, Geometry, and Algebra. With 1 on 1 tutoring, we will ensure that your learning experience is personalized. Best of all, it’s free! Sessions are all appointment-based and dependent on your availability. Please check out the calendly links below to make an appointment with one of our tutors.


I am a junior (11th grade) at Green Hope High School. I am part of the class of 2023. I live in Morrisville, NC, and I love to listen to music during my free time. I also like watching shows on Netflix and shopping.

Subjects: Algebra 1/ NC Math 1


Sneha Naidu Galla

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