10 Classics to Read That Will Help You in School

Reading books has various benefits, such as providing a higher level of focus and concentration. These books mentioned below are awe-inspiring and will strengthen your ability to think and make logical conclusions.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is the epitome of rom-coms. This book expresses the respective pride and prejudices of both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy that will be given up in order to be together. There are a multitude of misunderstandings that lead to conflict but will eventually result in the evolution of both characters and a novel perspective of each other. This is a great book that will help to improve in reading literature and increasing your level of comprehension.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde induces deep thought into this book which, in turn, makes us question the social ideals and notions of our own society. This Gothic novel manifests Dorian Gray, who was the male ideal of youth and beauty that will become corrupt under the teachings of Lord Henry Wotton. Additionally, you will witness the duplicity and ultimate downfall of Dorian.

To Kill a Mockingbird

This is a well-written classic famous in modern American Literature that is written by Harper Lee. It is about a lawyer named Atticus Finch that defends Tom Robinson, a black man that is wrongly accused of raping a white woman. Moreover, it is told through the eyes of Scout Finch, and you will see the prejudices and family life that is uncovered throughout the novel. This book will teach and open your eyes towards racial prejudice, inequality, and courage that transpires within the novel.


This novel is imagined in the future of 1984 where the world has fallen under the control of a corrupt government. It is led by the protagonist, Winston Smith, and you will view citizens’ loss of identity as well as the hazards of a totalitarian regime and the terrible degree of power that is manipulated. This is an elaborate book that will inform you of the nature of totalitarian governments, and will also allow you to correlate this dystopian world to ours.

Things Fall Apart

This is a classic narrative written by Chinua Achebe. This novel depicts the struggle of culture and change. It portrays the clash between the white colonialists and the Igbo people. You will see how the various conflicts and changes in Igbo society will affect many characters. This book will help you understand the importance of patriarchy and gender during this time and will improve your ability to compare those policies to our daily lives.

The Great Gatsby

Well-known classic displaying the tragic story between Jay Gatsby, a young millionaire, and his pursuit of the “Golden Girl” Daisy Buchanan. This book will provide a substantial skill on point of view and will help you understand other novels taken place during this time period.

Wuthering Heights

An appealing story was written by Emily Brontë describing the nature of love. It is the despondent tale of Heathcliff observing his inability to find happiness as well as his steadfast love for Catherine. This is quality literature that will help you see into the era of Romanticism, and increase your level of vocabulary.


This novel discusses Count Dracula, who is cursed to live off of blood in order to live. Jonathan Harker, an English lawyer, travels to Dracula’s castle to culminate a real estate transaction, but later realizes that he is a prisoner there. This book will help increase your level of concentration, and thinking skills to draw a conclusion.


This is a novel telling the formation of a being given life by a gifted scientist, Victor Frankenstein. However, the being is unsightly that is ultimately rejected by all mankind. This is a book that covers many themes like birth and creation. This is a relevant study that will typify the issues of modern society.

Jane Eyre

This story follows Jane, a strong-willed and outspoken woman, that faces many challenges such as her love for Rochester and her abusive Aunt Reed. She is on a quest to find a sense of belonging and love. This book will help you think efficiently and discover the importance of values.

These classics are wondrous reads that will help improve vocabulary and writing skills. It will also open your eyes to a new historical perspective that is very fascinating to learn about. It is heartily recommended reading these books not only because it will help develop your skills more, but it will also provide quality knowledge and moral lessons.



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