5 Best Schools For Engineering Majors in California

The college admissions process can be daunting for seniors and transfers who want to seek higher education. But to make this process easier, taking precautions like planning helps when deciding which school would be the best fit for you. If you decide that engineering is the field you want to enter, the next question is which schools offer the best program based on qualities like cost, accreditation, types of degrees offered, and learning environment. With all college journeys, the first thing that comes to mind is making college lists. In no particular order, these are five great engineering colleges in California and what they have to offer.

UC Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley is a top school in the nation and as such, their engineering program also has to be top tier. With over 1000 bachelor’s degrees, 800 Master’s degrees, and 100 doctoral degrees, Berkeley provides ample opportunity for students to explore their interests and dive as deep as they want to in the education of that field. With the increase of Bachelor’s degree certifications in 2018-19 by 13 percent, it is evident that UC Berkeley does its very best to ensure engineering majors succeed throughout their college careers, regardless if they continue to get their Masters or Doctorate degrees. Overall, the campus environment leaves students satisfied through college and allows them to get great experiences and take those with them as they use those certifications to work rigorous jobs.

Stanford University

Stanford University is yet another top school that offers students the chance to expand their knowledge and pursue engineering careers. It also offers a demographic that is very unusual for schools in the STEM field of engineering. With 45% women and 55% men, women are slowly creeping up to meet the men in the student population which shows that things are becoming more equal at

Stanford. Also, only 32% of the population is white in engineering meaning that out of a 360 people population, minorities take up the majority when combined meaning that diversity in STEM is slowly improving which I think is important for people when choosing schools. It gets difficult sometimes going to class and not seeing people that look like you, so learning this now is great in helping decide which college is the right fit.

UC Irvine

UC Irvine offers engineering at a high level for students all over the world. Not only do they have a great demographic of diverse students in their school, but they also have a working system that pushes out countless graduates in top majors like electrical, mechanical, computer, and biomedical engineering. These fields are all very popular for engineering students due to the demand for engineers in the workforce and the curiosity that comes with learning the subject. As a result of that, the alumni who leave Irvine are always better off than they began 4 years prior. In addition, when it comes to getting a Doctoral Degree certification, UC Irvine is top 30 in the country which just goes to show how great the school is and the students who attend it.

University of Southern California

USC offers engineering in the sunny Socal area to students of all backgrounds. Over 1000 students make up this field and there are hundreds of degree options for students to choose from. Although they don’t have as many women as some other programs, they are indeed working to bridge the gap in gender as well as race. They also offer several engineering degrees that wouldn’t otherwise be offered at most schools. For example, previously I had never seen schools with Operations research degrees, and finding that option at USC will help me decide which school is the best fit for me given the major, but that’s just the icing on the cake. The Graduate degree certification program that they offer students is top 2 in the nation, meaning that engineering students that come to USC are the cream of the crop who work hard beyond the Bachelors.

UC Davis

The University of California Davis offers a great program to its students with plenty of degrees to choose from. Although they have many majors, some majors like civil engineering thrive in this environment, which is why I think Davis is great. When researching schools and deciding your major, finding out that a school has the major you want in great regard would lead to you gravitating towards that school and putting it higher on your list.

In conclusion, All of these schools are great. They have plenty of diversity, offer great Master’s and Doctorate Programs, encourage students to succeed in many majors, and even emphasize certain majors deeming their specialties. Going into this admissions cycle, you have to look at all of these options before deciding which school is the best fit and how you’ll get there. Good luck, and take everything a step at a time, and who knows, you might be at one of these schools in the fall.

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