5 Productivity and Studying Apps for Students

A common issue that students deal with is getting distracted. With distractions such as video games, Netflix, and YouTube that are just a tap away, how can you stay focused on your work? Here are five productivity apps available for free on the App Store or Google Play to help keep yourself on track.

Habit Tracker

A habit is a routine action that you may consciously or subconsciously do. Whether you want to begin, break, or maintain a habit, this app is for you. Habit Tracker is a daily tracker app that helps you track and log in your habits to achieve your goals. This app has habit suggestions such as exercising, sleeping early, keeping a diary, and even calling your family! Additionally, you can create your own habit to track and it allows you to record how long you did the activity. The app also has customizable notifications to remind you of completing a task, as well as a feature that reminds you of a habit in a specific location. There is a group option, where you can invite a friend to motivate and compete with them. Finally, the app offers comprehensive weekly, monthly, and yearly reports on your progress.


MinimaList is a simple to-do list, reminder, and task app that stands out due to its minimalistic interface, hence the name. Simply swipe right on the task to complete it. If you tap on the task, the app takes you to a Pomodoro timer, a scientifically proven system to stay focused. The Pomodoro method consists of 25 minutes of work and then a five-minute break, with a 15-30 minute long break after four sessions. However, this app allows you to customize the time segments to what suits you the best. If you lift your phone and attempt to access other apps, MinimaList will remind you to get back to work. This app is for you if you enjoy simple to-do lists with no additional distractions.


You may be familiar with the flashcard services Quizlet or Anki. However, these may not be suitable for visual learners and people who like to handwrite their flashcards. An alternative is the application Feyn, which is unique for its drawing features. Additionally, the app uses spaced repetition, which is a scientifically proven method to memorize information by reviewing it periodically. You can also have tags for your flashcards, which allows you to organize and group them by a class or subject. The app is also available on iPads, where it may be easier to write and draw your content.


The purpose of Atracker is to track how long you spend on various responsibilities throughout the day. You can click a customizable task such as studying, exercising, or sleeping to start or end its timer. At the end of the day, the app shows comprehensive graphs to visualize where your time is invested. This app helps you be aware of where your time is going and allows you to make any adjustments if needed. Atracker can also be useful for people who like to plan out their day since they can use the data from the app to properly schedule their tasks.


Many students may find waking up in the morning to be a challenge. If your alarm clock is not doing enough to wake you up and keep you awake, Alarmy may be right for you. Alarmy lets you snooze the alarm only once you complete a challenge. These can include math problems, memory games, walking, typing, and more. These challenges get your brain going and will ensure that you actually wake up.

These apps can help you in topics ranging from eliminating distractions to helping you set new habits and achieve goals. Utilize technology in positive ways to have a healthy lifestyle in and outside of school.


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