6 Websites That’ll Help With Your College/Scholarship Search

It’s hard to begin searching for potential colleges or financial aid. For juniors and seniors, application and decision deadlines are moving closer and closer. There are plenty of factors to consider about where to go or which financial aid can be available to you. Majors, national ranking, location, prestige, and family income are just some of these. These websites can help make these decisions less daunting and give you a starting point in your college search process.

1. Niche

Niche.com is a site that allows you to view rankings, reviews, and statistics on schools (K-12 and colleges), workplaces, and places to live. Niche assists in your college search by keeping your college list for you and making recommendations based on your preferred location, your intended major, your demographics, and other factors. It also offers an admissions calculator.

Moreover, it can help you find thousands of scholarships varying in monetary value and calculate which scholarships would be better suited to you through the “Your Matches” feature. Simply logging in or creating a free account with Niche automatically enters you into the monthly $2,000 “No Essay” College Scholarship. Niche also helps you find private student loans and offers guidance through the financial aid process.

2. Mos

Mos.com assists you with finding the maximum financial aid in your state and country. Mos charges a flat fee of $149, which is refundable if Mos is not able to give you the most financial aid possible. By applying to Mos, you apply to every need-based scholarship you qualify for. To get started, you fill out a 20-minute application form and then get paired with a personal advisor. This advisor will attend to your needs throughout the entire search process, remind you of deadlines, and negotiate on your behalf to maximize your scholarship money. On average, students get $15,000 in scholarship money with Mos. In addition, Mos offers discounts throughout the year. The site also features an FAQ and a blog to further inform students about financial aid.

3. Collegevine

Collegevine.com is a free application essay review site. Collegevine offers peer essay review, along with essay prompts and guides to assist you with the essay-writing process. Additionally, Collegevine helps you find colleges you would be interested in and keeps a school list for you. It gives comprehensive feedback about admissions odds at the schools on your list, as well as comprehensive calculations about starting salaries for any major you might be interested in for each school. Collegevine offers live streams that cover a wide range of topics related to the college search and applications process. Their Q&A provides further assistance with this process. Collegevine also allows you to connect with colleges and display a profile of your academic, extracurricular, and personal information to demonstrate your interest and put you on the radar of the schools on your list.

4. Collegeboard

Collegeboard.org offers the SAT (a standardized test that is an important factor of your college application), PSAT (to prepare for the SAT), and AP classes and tests. After taking these tests, Collegeboard provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of your scores, as well as the opportunity to send these scores to colleges on your list. Collegeboard also connects with Khan Academy to help you study and adequately prepare for the SAT with guided practice and full-length tests. Additionally, Collegeboard provides you with the opportunity to enter a scholarship by building your college list, as well as allowing you to be eligible for a variety of scholarships through your score on the PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). Collegeboard can also connect you to thousands of more scholarships and has more features to assist with your college and career plans, such as their “Career Finder'' and “College Search.”

5. Scholly

Myscholly.com is a scholarship search service. While this is Scholly’s main focus, its site offers a variety of services. In addition to finding scholarships, it also helps reduce monthly student loan payments. Scholly offers an AI editor for any writing project, including college application essays. Their site also includes a blog with posts related to financial aid and scholarships, as well as other aspects of the college planning process. A Scholly subscription costs $3.75/per or $45/per year and can connect you with around 20,000 different scholarships.

6. Unigo

Unigo.com is a free college, scholarship, internship, student loan, major, and career matching service. Unigo helps you find colleges that would be a good fit for you considering a variety of factors. You can leave reviews of colleges to help other students in their search. The site also assists in exploring alternative higher education, such as online college. Not only does it find scholarships that would be a good fit for you, it also distinguishes between easier scholarships and harder ones. The site also features articles to help with admissions, college preparation, paying for college, and your decisions once you’re in college.

Making decisions that have a major impact on your future, such as deciding where to go to college, is difficult. The college application process, which begins even before you start applying, is rigorous, taxing, and stressful. These sites can raise awareness of the resources and funds available to help you make the best decision.


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