8 Hobbies to Pick Up Over Summer Break

Even if there may be a pile of uncompleted tasks on the desk, there are always moments over the long summer break where we find ourselves utterly bored. While scrolling through social network sites or watching Netflix may be entertaining, it does not precisely work your brain. So to keep our minds sharp and focused, here are eight exciting hobbies for you to try this summer!


Art is such a broad term, so it may be hard to pick one as a hobby, but the lack of boundaries is also the beauty of it. Try sketching, painting, photography, pottery, sewing, and so many other forms. By doing any of this, you are stimulating your creative senses and relieving stress. At the end of your project, you can display it however you desire and feel accomplished knowing that you made an excellent piece of artwork. You can make anything a work of art.


We talked about art above, so now let us push those creative boundaries and apply them to food. Whether it is your turn to cook dinner or you are just really craving some chocolate chip cookies, both are fantastic ways to spend your time alone or with loved ones. When you cook your own food, you are in control and get to pick and choose what is going into your meal. Baking can also help to calm you down and bring you to a meditative state. You are engaging your brain by following a recipe or dreaming up a new one, and you are making a connection between your mind and body as you prepare the food.


Crossing the lines between the self-expression of artwork and the physical exertion of a sport, we have dance. Admit it, we all have had solo dance parties in our bedrooms while blasting our favorite songs. Though this particular form of dancing can boost our mood, there are so many more benefits of dancing that you can experience by learning a dance. In the process of learning a dance, you are enhancing your memory, cognitive performance, hand-eye coordination and agility, endurance, balance, and so much more. Now, if you are not up for walking into a studio and starting new, do not worry. There are tons of online classes and videos of various genres you can explore. Just set up your computer in a large space, pause the video as you need, and have fun!


Another way to keep both your body and mind fit is to exercise. From running and weight lighting to cycling and yoga, everyone prefers when, where, and how they work out. Do not be afraid to try new things. No matter what it is, physical exertion can help to strengthen your bones, control your weight, and improve cardiovascular health. It also aids in fighting anxiety and depression, clearing and calming your mind, and improving your overall sleep quality. Always remember to listen to your body and take care not to strain yourself when exercising.


Record your summer through a journal. Take some time every day to write down what you did that day or what you hope for the day. By setting aside this time to write, you are continuing to work your mind's creative writing skills and handwriting. It can also benefit your mental health and create a sense of clarity by writing down your thoughts and goals each day. If you would like, you can include stickers, drawings, or photos, anything to make it visually appealing to yourself.


Challenge yourself to learn how to play your favorite song on an instrument of your choice. So much is available through the internet. You can find videos of people teaching you how to read notes, play a musical instrument, or even how to play a whole song. Similar to dancing, playing an instrument benefits your memory, cognitive functions, and hand-eye coordination. By taking the time to learn this, you will be improving your patience and creativity, as well as building confidence. If you want to test your creativity, write a song of your own!


Puzzles are a fun and relaxed way to spend a summer afternoon. From jigsaw puzzles to memory games, there is so much to choose from. These puzzles are going to work your brain's ability to solve problems, identify patterns, and your memory. Invite some friends over, and you can all work on one. Or if you are traveling, download a puzzle app onto your cell phone, and you will always have them on hand.


While it may seem one of the more obvious forms of engaging your brain, reading benefits your mind. As you read, you will enhance your vocabulary and comprehensive abilities and improve brain connectivity. It also helps your mental health by reducing stress levels and fighting depressive symptoms. Books are also great because they are so readily available; you can pick one up from a general store or download an ebook on the go. So take some time to roam around your local library or the internet to see what entices you; you can even find some of our blog posts about other great reads.

These are your eight hobbies to try over summer break! The new school year will be here before we know it so hopefully, this encourages you to try something new and innovative the next time you find yourself bored.