Finding the Best Planning Tool for You

Have you ever forgotten to complete an assignment because you did not write it down? Noting your responsibilities will help you remember and keep track of them, but there are countless other methods of doing so. Whether you use a planner, a to-do list, or your phone to note down your tasks, here are some options to explore if you want to find the most productive planning tool for you.

Store-Bought Planners

Pros: Save time

Cons: Difficult to customize

Planners from stores are great for beginners since they provide the basis for organizing. The standard planner consists of a monthly overview set up like a calendar, in which you can write events and due dates. The planner also has a weekly spread with spaces for more detailed to-do lists each day. Since the planner is store-bought, there is not much room for personalization, so it may not fit your specific needs. However, you can save your time since it is pre-made from the store.

Bullet Journal

Pros: Personalized, creative outlet

Cons: Time-consuming

Bullet journaling is a handmade, customizable planner that has been rising in popularity on social media. Due to its customizability, a bullet journal can use only a to-do list written in pen. On the other hand, your bullet journal can also have goals, habit trackers, and diary elements! You can also express your creativity through doodling on your pages and making them your own. A bullet journal may consume more time to set up and maintain, but it is beneficial for people who need more from a store-bought planner.


Pros: Organized, can be accessed anywhere from the cloud

Cons: Difficult to manage tasks

Calendars are traditionally used for planning future events. They come in many forms, including physical calendars, Google Calendars, and calendars on your phone. However, the online calendar options come with a lot more flexibility, since they can be accessed anywhere, on any device. They offer smaller-scale, hourly planning, in which you can block your time based on your upcoming activities. While this is helpful in planning events, there is not an area for to-do lists. Those who like scheduling their day by the hour would find this method useful.


Pros: Aesthetic, can be accessed anywhere from the cloud

Cons: Time-consuming, full version can cost money

Notion offers writing, note-taking, and planning services, all online. You can create a weekly agenda, reminders, course schedules, and more. The interface is completely customizable, so it has been popular online to make it aesthetically pleasing. A pretty planning interface can encourage you to complete your tasks. However, setting up a quality layout can take up a significant amount of time. It can be worth it since Notion is available online on any device’s browser, App Store, and Google Play.

In conclusion, planning styles can vary from person to person, as everyone is different. Finding the right method for you can boost your productivity, motivation, and overall satisfaction with life. Try various planning styles to find out what works for you!


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