Four Ways to Getting Involved In Computer Science as a High School Student

As computer science is a growing, competitive field, it is important that you pursue extracurriculars regarding computer science to see if it is really your niche or not. Participating in school clubs, summer programs, competitions, or taking AP classes are great ways to gain experience and knowledge within the computer science field. Additionally, taking part in these activities can show college admissions officers that you are passionate about this field. If you are interested in computer science and unsure of what to participate in, here are some great options to consider.

School Clubs

Joining school clubs is a great way to gain knowledge about the computer science field. They can introduce you to popular concepts and technical skills that are necessary. These clubs can also give you the opportunity to connect with individuals that have the same passion as you. Here are a few clubs you can join if your school has one, and if not, consider starting one!

  • Programming Club

  • Robotics Club

  • Web Design Club

  • Computer Science Club

  • National Technical Honor Society

Summer Programs

Summer programs are a great way to gain experience and develop skills within the computer science field. Unfortunately, most summer programs are expensive. Here are some summer programs that you can look into:


Taking computer science-related courses in high school or by yourself is a great way to learn key concepts of the field. If your school offers them, take the following AP classes to learn more about computer science. If not, you can try to self-study for them, but keep in mind that some AP classes are easier to self-study for than others. You can also take a Harvard computer science course through EdX for free!


Competitions are a great way to use your computer science knowledge and compete with other like-minded individuals! Through competitions, you can learn from others and get inspiration. If you place in a high spot, it can show college admissions that you are passionate and an outstanding computer science student. Here are a few competitions that you can look into:

If you are looking to strengthen your experience and knowledge in computer science, participating in one of these extracurriculars will definitely help! As computer science is becoming more competitive, participating in related extracurriculars will give you a great perspective of the field. These extracurriculars are great options that you should look into if you are interested in pursuing computer science.


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