How to Become and Stay Motivated

There are two types of people: those who are fine (or not so fine) with how their life is going and will not progress to make it any “better,” and those who have set goals and want to make positive changes in their life. Which one are you? When you wake up in the morning, do you look forward to the day ahead of you, or do you dread the day and week ahead? Whichever one you may be, this blog will usher you to become a more positive and motivated individual.

Short Activity

To get started, answer the following questions (they are not meant to be tough, so try your best):

  1. Where would you go if you had one month of vacation?

  2. What items would you bring with you?

  3. Who would you bring with you (assuming they also have one month of vacation)?

  4. When do you plan on arriving at your destination?

  5. How will you get there?

  6. Why? Why that location? Why those items? Why that person? Why that date? Why that choice of transportation?

By asking yourself “why,” you will help yourself set the base for what you want to do next: work towards it. Yes, you have to work for it. Because once you accomplish your goal, the satisfaction that comes from it will be sensational knowing you did it all by yourself.

Steps to Accomplishing Your Goal

  1. Think of a goal you have. If you do not have one, come up with an attainable goal right now—something that relates to you or someone you care about, whether it is big or small.

  2. Write it down or do whatever will help you remember that goal.

  3. Find your motive—this is where the ‘why’ comes in; the purpose. Why is that your goal? How will it benefit you? (Scroll down for motivation tips)

  4. Once you find your motive, take the first steps to work towards your goal.

  5. Be proud of the little achievements you gain from your journey. Those obstacles you face AND overcome. How amazing is that?

How to Find the Motivation to Accomplish Your Goals

A. Healthy Messages

It is important to tell yourself bright and positive messages daily. These can be about anything or anyone—as long as they help you move forward. Either create your own healthy message that relates to you personally, or use the more generic ones online. Here are a few resources to guide you:

  1. “I am doing incredible. The past me will be so proud for where I have come, and the future me will be thankful for not stopping.” - this is an example quote.

  2. 22 Empowering Quotes to Inspire You to Keep Going

  3. 300+ Motivational Quotes to Reach Your Potential Each Day

  4. Watch TED Talks. Click here for its official website or click here for its YouTube videos

  5. Download an app on your phone that will send you positive messages. Such apps include Daily Quote; I am; Motivation.

B. Smile!

For at least a minute every day, make sure to smile. Do little dances while you are at it as well. This can help you invigorate and gain energy for whatever you need to do next.

C. Make a To-Do List

A good way to start on the path of achieving your goals is to write down what you have to get done. Do not overload yourself on the first day, but progress in a healthy manner. Add more tasks as you get notified of them and cross them out as you complete each one. If you are not a pen and paper kind of person, find apps to keep track of your tasks. Remember to complete your tasks based on priorities!

D. Start Today

If you keep saying that you are going to start “tomorrow,” “next week,” or “next year,” and never actually start, you are not helping yourself. Those are just excuses so you will not have to do anything today. Now, there are limited exceptions, but if you are really passionate about pursuing something or building a future you want, then there should not be anything stopping you. It is all in the mindset. Click here for ways to develop a growth mindset. It is easier said than done, but working towards your goal step by step, even with obstacles in the way, will get you to where you want and dream of.

E. Do Not Disturb

Phones can be distracting, so a good way to focus on your goals, projects, or assignments is by putting your phone on Do Not Disturb or silencing it. That does not mean it has to stay that way for the entire day. Every hour or two, take a break and check your phone for any important calls, emails, texts, or for something else, but make sure to get back on track afterward.

F. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Sometimes it is difficult to get motivated on your own, so one way to help with that is by surrounding yourself with motivating people. The people who continue to see the good in themselves, others, and life every day are the ones you want to surround yourself with.

G. Award Yourself

It might get tiring at times because you are working so hard, but that is why you take breaks and best of all—award yourself! After every milestone you reach (and it is different for everyone), treat yourself by eating your favorite food, watching a good movie or TV show, hanging out with your friends, or taking a nice bath/shower. Do what will guide you to continue moving forward.

Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming a goal-driven, motivated individual. Remember, it all starts with you, so why not start today? Stay healthy, stay motivated!