Maintaining Creativity Amidst a Pandemic

As students, mundane feelings begin to arise after continuous work, especially during COVID-19. Many run into mental blocks that serve as barriers to their creativity. That’s why it is critical to shake things up in order to secure those fresh ideas. However, if you desire to expand your level of innovation and ideas, you have to be creative. Attempt some ideas mentioned below to increase creativity!

1. Spend time in Nature

Being around fresh air is an antidote for stress. It will not only improve your focus, but it will also ameliorate your memory. This is a wondrous way to keep you inspired.

2. Meditating

Meditating increases imagination and creativity, as well as reduces negative emotions and keeps you calm. Get in touch with your inner spirit and hear those inventive ideas flowing within you.

3. Keep a journal with you

Keeping a journal around you at all times will help you jot down ideas before you forget them. Additionally, you will be able to keep your thoughts organized and will help to set and achieve goals. Writing will inspire creativity and will allow you to connect with your inner self.

4. Break the Cycle

Do something new! We are creatures of habit, and repeating daily activities can dull your mind. Doing something you have never done before will keep your mind fresh and will impact your creative juices.

5. Stay active

Go for a walk, go on a run, or ride your bike; exercise will help keep your thinking and inspiration sharp. You will be able to improve your quality of sleep and that will benefit you in improving your memory and brain function.

6. Experiment

Do not doubt yourself. Doing so will only hurt you. Go with your gut feeling and take a chance! It is highly likely that your idea will lead to excellent results.

7. Expand your horizon

Take classes and keep yourself knowledgeable. Learning will keep your mind captivated and your body active. For example, learning a new language will improve critical-thinking skills, memory, and will enhance your concentration.

8. Create a vision board

Creating a vision board is your personal motivator. You put your emotions and your dream on this board, and this will keep you motivated to make that dream a reality. This will boost your chance of success and will keep a solid goal in your mind constantly.

Try not to hold yourself down with a common theme—venture out and be more versatile.

Keep your mind open to new projects, and doing so will lead you towards your next one. These tips mentioned will keep your passion and optimism at the core of your goal, leading you towards your path of success.



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