Social Media & Marketing: The Ultimate Tool

The Evolution of Social Media and Its Crucial Role in Business

The steady progression of technology and other communicative apps have remodeled the concept of marketing and engagement between businesses/organizations and their communities. Without a doubt, the relationship between a business and its community is crucial, as an active and loyal community breeds an environment where businesses are reassured they will continuously receive profits and engagement.

Before the advent of social media, businesses would stimulate their communities and promote engagement through TV commercials, billboards, and other methods that are deemed obsolete in today’s world. The internet revolution has changed nearly everything. Simple as that. Take a look at how the entertainment industry has completely reformed, innovative streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime have rendered DVD rentals and cable television completely obsolete, as customers now can view their desired shows and movies within a matter of seconds. The same exact restructuring process is happening to the marketing and engagement industry as social media continues to reap profound engagement in comparison to the previous “old-school” methods.

Human Interest Drives Everything

Human interest drives everything in the sense that the most profitable and successful businesses in the world have thrived by resolving an issue that attracts attention. This is clearly evidenced through the eventual downfall of the DVD-rental industry. People wanted quick and easy access to their favorite shows and movies, and businesses like Netflix accommodated that need. In a similar manner, human interest has now shifted towards the internet, as computers and phones are practically an essential item of daily life. The internet, phones, computers, and other technological products are bolstering the steady reformation of how businesses will engage and market to their communities.

Re-Designing Marketing & Engagement Methods

Think about the last time a television commercial aired; what was everyone in that room doing? Were people actually listening and engaging with that commercial? Nowadays, whenever a commercial airs on television, the first thing people do is whip out their phones and check their emails, social media, or browse the internet. The very thing that grasps all of humanity’s interest can fit into the palm of our hand, and that’s where businesses should be focusing their engagement.

Social media apps have extensive communication abilities. From hashtags to targeted advertising, social media is an inexpensive yet effective way to communicate, create a following, and promote engagement between a business and its community. Very few businesses capitalize on the benefits of social media marketing because transitioning into a new environment and adapting to a new strategy is a big step, especially when social media marketing is progressive processes that will not guarantee instant results. However, like many things in life, building an audience and engaging community takes time and effort, and one cannot expect instant results without devoting time. As a matter of fact, using social media to market products and build audiences is not only inexpensive but can also be free when the right strategies are used.

$1.80 Strategy

Despite the name “$1.80 Strategy”, the strategy is completely free and is a growth tactic created by Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of a multi-million dollar social media marketing agency, that is designed to help grow a following on Instagram. Basically, the strategy is as follows:

  • Leave a thoughtful comment ($.02) on 9 trending Instagram posts on 10 different hashtags

  • Make sure the posts and hashtags are relevant to your brand’s mission, as it’s critical to build an audience that shares the same interests

  • Each comment represents $.02

  • One comment on 9 posts ($.02 x 9) equals $.18

  • $.18 x 10 different hashtags equals $1.80

  • Repeating this strategy daily should guarantee results after the first month or so

Here’s a scenario: If John Doe runs a business that sells mugs and is looking to grow his business’s Instagram following, John should follow the $1.80 Instagram strategy. First, John will find 10 hashtags related to mugs (#mug, #muglife, etc). Then, John leaves a thoughtful comment on 9 posts of each hashtag and will repeat the process daily. The idea is that over time, other accounts will engage with John’s comments and follow his account, ultimately increasing John’s Instagram following. Again, the $1.80 strategy does not guarantee instant results and will take time and devotion before it will begin to produce effective results.


It’s inevitable, eventually, nearly all businesses and organizations will capitalize on the communicative abilities of social media platforms and the traditional means of advertising will be deemed obsolete. The idea of completely remodeling strategies and adopting new ones is scary, but once people understand the things they fear, new ideas become less intimidating and even more appealing. The $1.80 growth strategy is the perfect social media tactic for new and uprising businesses to dip their feet into the world of social media marketing, plus it’s completely free. It's the ideal strategy for businesses and other entities that are just entering the field, as it helps build a community. Developing a relationship between a brand’s mission and its community is vital, as customers and other members of the community will start to view the brand as an entity that truly cares about the people in its community.



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