The Best Online Resources to Use For College Admissions

For current juniors in high school, college admissions are right around the corner. This time in every student’s academic career can be very stressful and overwhelming. For that reason, you must take advantage of the time you have before preparing your college resumes to learn more about which schools you want to apply to, statistics you should have to be competitive for those schools, how to develop a concrete application, and more. With that being said, here are five websites you can take advantage of to do just that.

1. CollegeVine

CollegeVine is a website that provides a plethora of resources for students to get detailed information regarding each step of the college application process. CollegeVine offers Q&A sessions as well as live streams to help students make the process easier. These resources consist of admissions officers and experts in the college admissions field, ultimately providing one of the best and most reliable sources of information. CollegeVine also offers guides and peer reviews for your essays, meaning that other students can read and provide feedback on your essays. For students who are eager to get an understanding of their admission chances to different colleges, CollegeVine offers a “Chancing Profile.” Students can input their standardized testing scores, course load, class rank, and extracurriculars, and CollegeVine will calculate their chances of admissions to those schools. However, note that these predictions are not guaranteed to be accurate, so do not let the number you see define your actual chance of admission.

2. College Board Big Future

The College Board is known for its involvement with the college admissions process, which is why they created a website that allows you to input information that will help you find the right colleges for you. You can fill out test scores, the type of school, campus/housing situation, the location, sports/activities, diversity, etc. The website will generate a list of colleges that will match your interests. In addition, the website will also allow you to compare different schools to get an idea of how they differ from each other.

3. Niche

Niche is a website that will provide you with an abundance of statistics and student reviews for different aspects of student life at various colleges. This website is helpful if you want to have more personable reviews of various colleges, and Niche will also provide an overall grade based on the data they received. Also, you can categorize the colleges by many different aspects such as the college type, the general area of study, specific majors, the cost, the student body size, the specialty (liberal arts, all-women, all-men, etc.), standardized testing scores, the admissions process, selectivity, religious affiliation, and more. Overall, Niche is a great resource to take advantage of if you are looking for a website that uses actual experiences to rank colleges.

4. PrepScholar

Prepscholar is without a doubt one of the most renowned websites to use when it comes to all aspects of academics. From standardized testing resources to college statistics, PrepScholar has it all. The website features a blog that focuses on the common questions that students might have when applying to colleges. They also provide a calculator that will give you your chances of admissions to certain colleges based on your stats. However, it is important to note that these chances are not completely accurate as they exclude the essay and extracurriculars factors. In addition, PrepScholar also provides successful applications to different schools, such as Harvard. This data will often include teacher letters, school reports, academics, extracurriculars, etc.

5. UsNews

U.S News is one of the most prominent websites when it comes to ranking colleges based on a variety of factors. U.S News will rank colleges using different criteria such as their value, undergraduate programs, first-year experiences, average graduation rates, and more. Also, the website will sort these colleges into different categories and even categorizes rankings for various countries. This allows students from all different backgrounds to have an in-depth source of information regarding colleges, making the decision factor exponentially easier. Overall, if you are curious as to which colleges are best on a wide scale of factors, it is highly recommended that you check out U.S News.

As most high schoolers will have to deal with the burden of college applications, it is important to make the best use of the resources online to make their journey to college much easier. Being able to figure out which colleges you want to apply to, rather than blindly picking, will make the whole process much less stressful as you know that every college you get into will satisfy your needs.


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