The Risks of Unvaccinated People

With the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, there have been signs of normalcy among society once again. However, those who have not received the vaccine are at high risk to each other. Moreover, it is not 100% likely that the vaccine works perfectly, so even those vaccinated have a likelihood to get the COVID-19 from those who have not been vaccinated. It is estimated that the likelihood of the vaccinated population getting infected is 15%. With the declining cases of COVID-19, many people are having an optimistic perspective for the nation, but where COVID-19 cases are commonly occurring is in the unprotected population.

The COVID-19 vaccine is working effectively in preventing deaths, although this also secretes the deaths among those who have not gotten the vaccine. With increased hospitalization rates from those who are unvaccinated, it is proved that those who do not receive the vaccine are 11 times more likely to get hospitalized than those who have received it. Those with the ages between 45 and 64 who are not vaccinated are 18 times more liable to be hospitalized as well.

Additionally, unvaccinated people have no immunity to the virus and are thus not protected from the variants that can increase the time that the pandemic will persist. President Biden promoted the reduction of mask guidance regulations for vaccinated people; he champions this as a way to motivate citizens during this arduous time. While this is occurring, there is the confining feeling of those who are yet to be vaccinated, whereas vaccinated people are beginning to go back to their everyday lives before the outbreak. Resuming normal activities for fully vaccinated people is encouraging, whilst unvaccinated people are still prompted to continue physical distancing and wearing masks. Masks should be worn properly under conditions where social distancing cannot be sustained. Doing this will protect not only yourself but those around you as COVID-19 has minute symptoms.

The chances of unvaccinated people getting the virus will continue to persevere until COVID-19 is not as diffusive as it once was. Getting vaccinated will lower COVID-19 infection rates as well as help us return to our customary lives. It is highly endorsed to get the vaccine in order for everyone to return to how things were before the COVID-19 pandemic.