Our Leaders


Benjamin Yan

Founder and President/CEO

Benjamin is a senior at Green Hope High School in Cary, NC. He founded BeyondDreams on September 30th, 2020, in hopes of offering students essential knowledge that will help students in their career paths. He is a competitive chess player and coach, as it is the game that he grew up to love. He also loves playing basketball and talking with friends.

As President, Benjamin operates all daily activities and oversees the team in creating webinars, blogs, videos, and tutoring content. He hopes to expand the influence of BeyondDreams and help more students like him achieve more beyond the limits of the classroom. 

Our Staff


Vrutika Soneji

Blog Editor

Vrutika lives in North Carolina and is currently in high school. She started as a blogger for BeyondDreams and loves to play volleyball and bullet journal in her free time. As a blog editor, she ensures that all blogs are proofread and works with the blog editing team to make sure the blogs are of utmost quality.